Baseline Alerts

Alerts allow users to identify key TBM metrics

In many companies, IT leaders automatically accept fundamental TBM values when they are known and understood. Managers save their limited time and attention for values that are unexpected or unacceptable, For example, if Opex does not change far from the budget or Compute spend is within 15% of the last years value, then management will accept these values and focus on more urgent issues.

Alerts allow users to identify key TBM metrics and then the values that they consider acceptable. Any result outside this threshold will generate a push notification. Users will receive a push notification when an amount is outside their tolerances, making BASELINE more efficient and helping executives and SME react faster to TBM data.

BASELINE tells users when alerts are triggered

BASELINE automatically tells users when the Alerts have been triggered. This allows users to interrogate and understand data and variables at key points. Alerts can be set for all of the Widgets available in the BASELINE Widget Library.