Coming soon

Here are a few things that are coming very soon…

We have been working with a number of clients to fulfil some of their particular requirements. These requirements provide us and future users of with additional functionality that we are excited to share with you. Some of these features will be coming very soon to BASELINE.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

There is an optional feature offered by Apptio to corporate clients. It allows users to avoid entering their user login id and Password when accessing their TBM data. BASELINE has implemented this feature and will enable users to access the same SSO functionality.

Budget Variance Overview widget

Understanding the difference between Actual Costs and the relevant budgets and forecasts is a big part of TBM. This purpose built analysis widget helps those accountable for spend understand the variance and the impact this will have on the annual outcomes.

Bill of IT widget

Billing IT costs to the end consumer produces invoices and data that this targeted Widget is designed to analyse. It summarises the current invoice and tracks consumption and trends. Using data from the Bill of IT module, this provides a unique view of IT cost consumption.

Japanese language

The BASELINE is a multinational tool that already supports many languages. The App originated in the Netherlands, so we already support the majority of Western European languages. BASELINE is now adding support for Asian scripts to the App, starting with Japanese. Once this translation is complete, other languages, such as Korean and Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi can be added as BASELINE users spread into these regions.