Below we have listed a number of common questions TBM users have about BASELINE, if you have a particular question not answered below, then please drop us a line.

Q: How is BASELINE Licenced?
A: Baseline is licensed for a flat annual  fee.

Q: Does it matter how many users access BASELINE?
A: The licence agreement allows as many end users as needed, we want lots or people using BASELINE.

Q: How many widgets are available?
A: BASELINE currently comes with four widgets ‘out of the box’. These are part of the standard licence. BASELINE is also working hard to design and implement additional widgets. Additionally, clients can also design widgets tailored specifically for their own needs.

Q: How do I install the App?
A: BASELINE is available from the App store. Simply download the app and install it on your device. You need to contact BASELINE to update the WHITE LIST, as only approved individuals can use the app. This is a security control. We then configure the App to access your Apptio project. Then login with your Apptio credentials.

Q: Can I access multiple Apptio projects
A: Absolutely. The Apptio project configs can be stored as QR codes, making it easy to shift between projects.

Q: Can I develop my own widget?
A: Definitely. We have customers who have designed their own widget and we implement it just for them. If the widget would have more general appeal, we offer to partly fund the development in order to offer this to other clients.

Q: What if my Apptio environment is not custom
A: BASELINE is designed to work with a small number of standard reports. If these can be configured the App will work well. Alternatively, bespoke widgets can be developed where the environment demands.

Q: Is my TBM data secure?
A: The BASELINE App stores NO data from TBM. When the app is started it downloads information from the selected TBM project. When the app is closed this data is deleted. This is done to protect the security of the data.

Q: Is my TBM data encrypted while it’s on the mobile device?
A: The BASELINE App uses secure storage to protect the confidentially of the data when it’s on the phone.

Q: Does BASELINE support multi-factor authentication?
A: The App is compatible with all biometric security featured available in the mobile operating system. Therefore, FaceID or TouchID are both supported.

Q: Is Single Sign-On (SSO) supported?
A: The BASELINE App is developing a SSO compatible version. This is scheduled for release in 2019.

Q: Is any personal data held by BASELINE?
A: The BASELINE App does not hold any personal data.

Q: Is there an android version?
A: We have had interest from some clients. We need three or four committed Android customers and then we’ll make BASELINE available in Android. If you want to be part of this first release, please contact simon@thebaseline.app

Q: How long does it take to roll-out baseline?
A: It takes one to two weeks to configure system, install the app and then test alignment with App. We have numerous enablement videos to help end users rapidly become productive.

Q: Can I change languages?
A: When developing BASELINE we initially configured 17 languages, and these were complex and time consuming to maintain. The production build targets only those languages needed by our current clients, adding new languages is a simple task, from Japanese to French.