The BASELINE Apps has been written to be as intuitive as possible. We have enablement videos for each widget and help instructions for each module.

To ensure that the App works as it was designed, BASELINE has written for each analysis widget. These guides show where BASELINE extracts data from Apptio. If these installation guides are followed correctly, then the App will work. Specifically, the reports identified in the Configuration Guides need to be calculating and evidencing a full set of data.

The BASELINE team has worked hard to make the App as simple to use and easy to configure as possible.

If there are still questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact

BASELINE puts all this into the hands of decision makers, where-ever they are

BASELINE multiplies the value you get from TBM | Analysis widgets highlight anomalies and exceptions, enables a unified view of the issue, collaboration leads to collective understanding of how to address these exceptions and ultimately outcomes are driven an effectiveness of the decisions tracked.