Widgets library

BASELINE uses ANALYSIS WIDGETS to drive insight

BASELINE was designed as an extensible platform for analysis. This analysis is relevant and easy to consume as each analysis widget targets specific TBM value and outcome. The ordering of the widgets provides a flow and the ability to turn widgets ‘off’ allows each user to customise their BASELINE experience to their specific needs.

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High Level IT Widget

Cost Pool Summary

YTD Resource Tower Summary

Push Notifications Widget


Coming soon

Widgets are being added as the platform evolves, but the first wave of analysis widgets targeted the standard TBM concepts of Cost Pools and Resource Towers. The High Level IT Costs widget targets overall IT spend and focuses on the needs of senior IT leadership. Included was also a widget that broadcasts messages to the TBM user population, to help drive awareness of new TBM data and issues. This was the first platform released by Baseline.

We are also working a number of new widgets. The first is a high-level Bill of IT Widget, and the next is one that analyses Budget Variance. More widgets are planned for the second half of 2019, as customers preferences and desires shape our widget delivery schedule.

We created widgets

Each widget targets a specific TBM objective.

Easy to use and simple to understand.

All share the same alerting and collaboration framework.

Widgets can be ordered to make analysis easy. New widgets are added over time. Custom widgets support analysis specific to your company.

BASELINE users have this analysis when-ever they need it.