Put TBM on your mobile


BASELINE unlocks the value of TBM. It allows you to interact with TBM where you are through a library of analysis widgets that is expanding all the time. These widgets allow you to: review OPEX and CAPEX, Track changes in Cost Pools balances, Review how IT Resource towers are changing. Many more analysis widgets are planned and under development.

Many of our customers work with BASELINE to create analysis widgets that cater specifically to their needs.


BASELINE is unique and extends Apptio’s analysis and capabilities. It takes your existing TBM data and analyses it in new ways. Based on Personas and targeted use cases the route to value is shortened and the impact magnified.

Many of our customers work with BASELINE to create analysis widgets that cater specifically to their needs. Our Widget Library gives an overview of all the Widgets available within BASELINE and it’s growing daily.


The BASELINE App was designed to be the catalyst for decisions. The framework of the App draws users together through collaboration. Alerting ensures that all changes are brought to the attention of decision makers immediately. Sharing allows answers to key questions. Widgets provide extensible analysis that targets crucial aspects of TBM.

Together these elements are the vehicle to actionable insights… knowing what is happening and then driving outcomes. That’s how we drive insights.


BASELINE changes to meet your needs as new analysis widgets are regularly added to BASELINE. You can change the order and flow of the analysis by reordering widgets and hiding the ones you don’t need. You can view these widgets in your own language and individually customise your Persona.


BASELINE collects your understanding of cost performance. You can share analysis with your colleagues and use this collaboration to build an understanding and record conclusions. Send images, ask opinions and gather feedback.

You can also notify users were the TBM data is being updated and when its ready for analysis. It provides a share platform for TBM users from across the organisation.